Mosaic believes in and practices an elder-led model of church leadership. Given this model of leadership, there is a question by most who visit us for the first time: Who is the pastor at Mosaic?

The church’s elders pastor the church. The responsibility of leading and pastoring Mosaic Church has been given, not to one man, but to a plurality of elders. The “Pastor” who preaches on Sunday has no more authority in the church than the “Elder” who was just appointed to the role. Because this is pretty uncommon among American churches, we work hard to make sure the congregation understands who elders are and what responsibilities they have.

Jamie Limato

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jamie is the lead pastor of Mosaic Church. He is driven to help people discover their God-given purpose and helping them to develop into the leader God has designed them to be. Pastor Jamie is passionate about multiplication and seeing leaders raise up to plant new churches everywhere for everyone.

He and his wife, Jessica, have been married for more than 20 years and have four children. Pastor Jamie works full time as a regional equipper for NAMB.

Drew Temple

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Drew is the assistant pastor of Mosaic Church. His focus is on discipling other Christians to a deeper relationship with Jesus, and communicating robust theological truths in easily understood ways. Pastor Drew oversees Mosaic’s Student Ministry.

He and his wife, Cherry, have been married for more than 12 years and have two children. Pastor Drew works full time as a proposal writer for CollabraLink Technologies in McLean, VA.

Jonathan Zimmerman

Administration Pastor

Pastor Jonathan is the Administration Pastor at Mosaic Church. He is passionate about financial stewardship and seeing God’s people equipped to use their time, talent, and treasures for Christ’s kingdom.

He and his wife, Danielle, have been married for more than 12 years and have five children. Pastor Jonathan works full time as an operations manager at Dulles International Airport.

Joel Potter

Small Groups Pastor

Pastor Joel is the Small Groups Pastor at Mosaic Church. His greatest desire is to see the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit reflected in the members of Christ’s body here on earth. Joel loves to see this happen as God’s people connect and grow closer through small groups, discipleship, service, and worship.

He and his wife, Sarah, have been married for more than 10 years and have five awesome children! Pastor Joel works full time as a software engineer at OwnerRez.

Kenny Scott

Deacon of Facilities

Kenny Scott is the Deacon of Facilities at Mosaic Church. Kenny loves putting his talents and skills to use keeping Mosaic’s facility functioning.

He and his wife, Amy, have been married for more than 18 years and have two children. Kenny works full time as a fire inspector at Dulles International Airport.

Arin Jenkins

Worship Leader

Arin Jenkins is the Worship Leader of Mosaic Church. Arin is passionate about leading others to a connection with their Lord and Savior through music and singing, has been serving in this role for over 20 years in churches and church plants all over the US.

Arin and his wife, Kristy, have been married for more than 20 years and have 8 kids, including 2 sets of twins, and works full time as a Registered Nurse.